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Recover Botanical Sitz Bath

Recover Botanical Sitz Bath

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A soothing blend of organic botanicals to promote postpartum perineal recovery and healing. Formulated with anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory plants to prevent infection and reduce swelling while healing and comforting tender tissues.


  • calendula flowers
  • lavender flowers
  • rose petals
  • comfrey leaf
  • plantain leaf
  • marshmallow root

All ingredients are organic.

How to Use

Combine 4 tbsp of sitz bath herbs with 1 quart of boiling water. Turn off heat, cover, and steep for 30 min- 2 hours. Strain, cool, and pour herbal infusion into a sitz bath pan, or warm shallow bath. Soak for 15-30 min.

Additionally sitz infusion can be added to a peri-bottle to use as a rinse or soaked with a reusable pad for a cold compress!

This product is not intended to treat or cure. Consult a doctor before use if you are pregnant or ill.

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