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Detox Herbal Volcanic Clay Mask

Detox Herbal Volcanic Clay Mask

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A deep cleansing face mask powder formulated with a bentonite clay base and added organic herbs to provide antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and healing actions. This detoxifying mask helps to remove toxins, soothe irritation, and repair tissue to promote balanced skin. This mask also works great as a spot treatment!

Specifically formulated for oily or blemish prone skin but suitable for all skin types.


bentonite clay, *lavender, *calendula, *plantain leaf, activated charcoal, *turmeric, and *neem.

*organic ingredients

How to Use

Mix 1 tsp mask power with 1 tsp of water (or liquid of choice) and mix into a paste. Apply a thin layer to cleansed face and let sit 5-15 minutes before rinsing.

For spot treatment: mix as directed and apply a small amount to the targeted area. Let sit 30 min-overnight.

Always finish with a moisturizer to rehydrate. Pair with our Glow Face Oil for daily support and protection!

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