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Botanical Skincare Set: An Herbal Infused Facial Kit

Botanical Skincare Set: An Herbal Infused Facial Kit

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Give yourself, or someone you love, the gift of self care! This 4-step botanical facial kit features a collection of each of our skincare product lines to experience the full spa treatment. (A $77 value.)

All products are small batch, handmade, non-toxic, plant-based and made without preservatives or harsh chemicals. All ingredients are sustainably sourced and organic or wildcrafted.

Kit Includes

Each skincare set includes:

1 facial steam pack: to boost your steam treatment and invigorate your skin, opening and softening pores to loosen dirt buildup.

2oz herbal clay mask powder: to deeply cleanse pores and wipe away toxins while providing a boost of antioxidants along with antimicrobial and calming herbal actions.

2oz floral toner: to rebalance your skin ph, hydrate your pores, soothe inflammation, fight bacteria, and refresh your face!

1oz botanical face oil: to seal in all the facial benefits and protect the skin from environmental toxins. Face oils help to balance sebum production which reduces breakouts, soften and soothe tissues, strengthen the skin barrier, boost skin vitality.

Choose from 3 product lines with unique herbal actions to support your skin type and intentions: Clarifying, Brightening, & Balancing. To see more about each product, check out our botanical skincare collection page!

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