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Raffia Weaving #1

Raffia Weaving #1

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A plant based weaving using natural materials & wool.

Handwoven with linen, cotton, hemp, raffia, & wool. Hung on driftwood.

8” x 16”


  • elderberry
  • echinacea
  • vegetable glycerine
  • distilled water

All ingredients are organic.

How to Use

Adults: Take 2-3 droppers full before travel, after exposure, or at the first signs of sickness and up to 4x daily

Consult your practitioner for use with children under 2 years old.

What are tinctures?

Glycerine Tinctures are concentrated herbal extracts made by soaking plant material in vegetable glycerine. We infuse our herbal tinctures for 6 weeks, shaking each jar daily to encourage maximum extraction of each herb. The glycerine pulls out the active medicinal components of the plant creating powerful herbal medicines. Glycerine tinctures are a great choice for those who are sensitive to alcohol and for children. The shelf life of herbal glycerites is 1-2 years.

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