Immune Chai Herbal Tea

Immune Chai Herbal Tea

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A nutritive and mineral rich tea, specifically formulated for expecting mothers but excellent for all women bodies especially those experiencing pms, uterine pain, and postpartum.

Raspberry leaf is a beautiful woman's herb providing tonifying and strengthening actions for the female reproductive system as well as nourishment for the whole body. Nutritive herbs provide a boost of vitamins and minerals which support energy levels, hormone balance, and general well being. Antispasmodic herbs to relax the body, easing cramps and nausea as well as promoting restful sleep. Try an overnight cold infusion for further mineral extraction: combine desired herb with cold water and cover and steep overnight on countertop. Strain and enjoy within 24 hours!

15-20 servings/pkg

Ingredients: Nettle, Raspberry Leaf, Chamomile, Oatstraw, Rose Hips, Peppermint, Fennel. All ingredients are organic.

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